About Us

Ghanaian Food Network is an online community dedicated to promoting our rich Ghanaian foods whilst also using food as a means to advocate for recycling in Ghana. Ghanaian foods are slowly gaining world recognition, hence the need to use our foods as a channel to highlight the rise of plastic pollution in Ghana.

Ghanaian Food Network aims at using food to promote environmentally friendly food utensils and products especially in Ghana, to help eradicate the rise of plastic pollution.
Currently in Ghana, plastic pollution in on the rise with less or no means of recycling them from our streets. We at Ghanaian food network, hope to use our foods to educate and encourage the use of eco-friendly eating utensils both at home and on the streets. Our dream is to build a strong community towards banning plastics from our dear country, Ghana, eventually.

As a community, we promote using made in Ghana kitchen utensils everyday. We encourage our communities and its members, to grow the habits of carrying their own reusable lunch bowls when buying food from the street food vendors. We also encourage our community members, to go shopping with reusable shopping bags and baskets to help reduce the amount of plastics we mostly end up bringing back to our homes.We strongly believe that, food should not be just a delicious bowl/asanka of meal but also it should be prepared and eaten in an environmentally conscious communities globally.

Also, in the spirit of non-profiting, we aim to encourage and support young Ghanaian entrepreneurs to venture in environmental friendly businesses like pottery, glass recycling, wood, paper recycling and so forth. We encourage experimenting with our local utensils, like the asanka, so to make them known world wide as an everyday eating or cooking kitchen utensil.

We sincerely hope that, you join us on this journey and to help promote our rich cuisines whilst protecting our beautiful and natural resources from plastic pollution.

A collection of asanka in different sizes.