2cups Tigernut (wash well and soak in water overnight)
1/3cups Local rice( soak overnight or 4hrs)
1/2cups Dark brown sugar/ caramelized sugar syrup
1/2tsp Salt
4cups Water(as needed)

NOTE: to get the caramelized sugar , melt white sugar in a heavy bottom pan over medium heat till you get the desired caramel color which is dark caramel. Stir in some water to prevent crystallization if you make it in advance . Be very careful when making this to avoid any burns.

Add water, tigernut and rice together and blend in a food processor or a very sharp blender

Strain in a fine mesh strainer to extract the milk. You can add water to the chaff and blend again to extract more milk

Use a cheese cloth or silk scarf, place over the strainer and give it the final strain to trap any excess chaff.

Add the brown sugar or caramelized sugar syrup, salt and give it a good stir

On a medium heat, Use a whisk or rubber spatula to stir it continuously at the same direction
Stir continuously till thickened and no longer tasting raw. Turn off heat

Pour into a serving glass to cool down. Serve it warm or cold with or without evaporated milk.

Recipe by kind courtesy Kendolf Events

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