Peanut Butter Soup



Any meat/fish you want (usually good with hard chicken) with a side of smoked fish

Habanero pepper depends on your level of spicy 2-3 (extra for garnish)

Lots of onions (4-5 medium)

Carrots (4 sticks)

Fresh ginger, anise seeds, rosemary, garlic, salt

Organic low sugar peanut butter 

Fresh tomatoes 

Tomato paste

Eggplant/garden eggs (4-5) and okra for garnish 



  1. Blend 2 onions with ginger, anise, rosemary, garlic and salt together
  2. Marinate meat (if you have time – Overnight)
  3. Blend peanut butter and tomato paste until it forms a smooth paste (80 ml water but not too much water to thin it out)
  4. Put paste on stove medium heat. Stir occasionally until oil forms on top of peanut and tomato paste 
  5. Steam meat without water on low/medium high heat (salt to your taste) cook for about 20 minutes 
  6. Add 3 cups water to it, on high heat let it boil
  7. Cook pepper, tomatoes, eggplant, carrots and onions separately and blend until smooth. Strain chaff out. Set aside
  8. Add water to the peanut butter and strain into the boiling soup 
  9. Add strained vegetable paste to it 
  10. Adjust water according to how thick or light you would like your soup. Preferences!
  11. Cook on medium/high heat until oil done indication of this is water formed on top of soup. 
  12. Put habanero, okra and eggplant in. 
  13. Cook for about 20 minutes.

Serve with Omutuo (Rice balls) Fufuo (cassava/yucca/plantain) mix or kokonte!

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